So far we have got halfway through our Model we have completed the roof.

And on our poster we have popped colour on it and lots of information and photos.

And finally we have finished the stories on a website called tiki toki.





This week our goal is to begin our exhibits and information displays.

I have achieved…..focusing and not playing around.
I am proud of….my work that I have done in the past
The hardest part was….Making a hands on thing
Next week my goal is to have our exhibit half finished / finished / …finished
Here is what we are up to so far on our photo display:

LED Text Scroller

WOW: What made me go wow this term was the school production, kapa haka, music video, fish art and gym.

NOW:What I learnt this term. By being in the school production I learnt that keeping in time with the music helps you know what to do. For example I knew when to be our building when the guy starts singing some words. Every time we practised we got better and better. It was cool to do it in front of people and since we practised I felt confident on the night.

With kapa haka I learnt I did not need to feel scared with no top on and when I am with a group and doing the moves it makes me feel strong.

While doing the music video parody I had to record my self singing and it made me feel famous. I did the filming of our group parody and I learnt doing different angles with the camera makes the movie more interesting. My favourite angle was holding the camera high and zooming in.

When we were doing the fish art it was new for me cutting the sea life out and putting it on another page. I also learnt how to blend the pastel colours by smudging it with your finger.

In gym I learnt how to do a roly polly on the box.

POW: I achieved my goal which was to finish my work on time by the end of this term. This work was my handwriting, maths, inquiry, production and reading samples. I finished these on Wednesday. Next term my goal is to be get better at my times tables, especially my 8 times tables. I would like to learn how to film a sports game. This will teach me things about camera work.